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Broslavsky & Weinman, LLP is committed to ensuring that all clients are successful. They employ whatever methods necessary to ensure their client's success and understanding of risks at every stage in the process while providing an accessible law firm for people from any walk of life.

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Hands down one of the best experiences and most sophisticated firms that I have come across. Being an attorney myself I have a very high bar when it comes to other attorneys. This firm definitely met the bar and exceeded it. Jonathan Weinman, the partner that helped me, is by far one of the best in the business.He is honest, trustworthy, intelligent, very detail oriented and treats you as you want to be treated. I would wholeheartedly refer this firm and Jonathan Weinman to anyone that requires amazing legal representation.


Amir Guerami (AGhomeloans)


Many times we have need advice very quickly regarding timely employer related events. Jon is excellent at making himself available to advise us on how to comply and respond to the issue at hand. And best yet, his explanations are made in a manner that is easy to understand!


Andrea Hershfield


I have worked with Broslavsky & Weinman in various capacities over the years. They have always given me excellent advice and I feel they operate their practice with the utmost integrity. Unlike lessscrupulous practices, if there's a situation that they feel will not hold up in court, they are very open about it and won't take a case just to get billable hours. They have an excellent record and I recommend them highly.


Buzz Park


I have had the opportunity to collaborate with Jon Weinman and Zack Broslavsky repeatedly on legal matters in the past few years. They are extremely talented and well respected attorneys. They aggressively handle each case and truly care about protecting the rights of their clients. They are responsive and take the time to analyze and plan a legal strategy to benefit each of their clients. I have referred both friends and colleagues to them. I give them my highest recommendation.


Debbie Yeh


I have referred many of my friends and colleagues to Broslavsky & Weinman, Llp because of their high standards and success. They are responsive, diligent, experienced and brilliant attorneys that you can count on.


Gino Galvez


Broslavsky & Weinman helped me with an employment contract with a prior employer. Having a background in Hr, I was very pleased with Jon and Zack. They were both very knowledgeable and were able to quickly and efficiently answer my questions and help me get the result I wanted.


Ilona Salmons, Lmft


Mr. Brolavsky and Mr. Weinman represented me in a sexual harassment and wrongful termination suit against my former employer. I am elated to share that I was represented with the utmost integrity and competence. Being represented by Brolavsky and Weinman gave me a voice and platform I otherwise would not have had. They vigorously perused justice for my family and me. They poured over tens thousands of documents, text, chats and images to prepare my legal complaint. They were there for me every step of the way answering or almost immediately responding to my each and every phone call, text and email. They listened to me in a way that brought peace in my heart in an otherwise terrible situation. I was never made to feel alone or unheard. This case was of great importance to my family and me and understandably brought out great emotion and passion for me. Johnathan and Zack brought me great calm and a needed corralling when I flirted with being an undesirable plaintiff. I cannot thank these gentlemen enough for the peace of mind, justice and monetary value they afforded to me through their representation. I would recommend these gentlemen to anyone that may find themselves in the uncomfortable position of being harassed and wrongfully terminated.


Joseph Polanco


Jonathan and Zach are true advocates for their clients. Their follow through is excellent and they are not only very competent and proficient with recent developments in this very complex area of law, but also compassionate for the cause of their clients. I have confidently referred clients to them and will continue to do so I know they will be in good hands.


Law Offices of Maria N. Jonsson, Pc


I hired Broslavsky & Weinman a year ago to help me in my wrongful termination case against a large company. Not only were they responsive and knowledgeable, but they got me a great result on my case. I would highly recommend Zack and Jonathan to anyone in need of an employment attorney.


Marc C


Working with Mr Weinman was an extremely pleasing experience. He helped make difficult material to understand simpler in layman


Mathew Klickstein