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Body Renovation Fitness Center is committed to helping you achieve your fitness goals. Our staff provides personal training, nutritional guidance, and customized meal plans in order for us all to work together towards common health and wellness goals. If you are ready to make a change with your diet or exercise regimen then we can help!

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I have been working out with Bear, Michael Mitchell, for 17 years. For the past year he offered Zoom which kept me on track. I would recommend Bear for any age group. He will create a plan for your specific needs and keep you motivated.


Amanda Saile


I highly recommend this place.


Cody Russell


I moved to Dallas and didn't know anyone and I was really focused on getting in shape. I saw Body Renovation studio and decided to give it a try. Over there I met my trainer and a really good friend . Bear is very knowledgeable, taught me how to eat properly and work out with the proper form! Five years later I still have the pleasure to be trained by him and count on him for anything ! I Highly recommend Body Renovation !!!


Danubia Santos


I've trained with Bear and a mix of trainers that work with him for over four years now. He and his staff put together excellent workouts that push me (but not too much) and have improved my fitness, flexibility, and general health. He has also always been flexible on scheduling to help me get workouts in when conflicts arise. He and his staff were also quick to adapt to the changing pandemic restrictions supporting workouts in parks and remotely as necessary. I would wholeheartedly recommend training with Bear.


David DeZern


I hope to see you at Prestonwood Country Club gym very soon ....


debbie leecock


Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality


Denise Wilson


The Bear is the absolute man!! He is great to work with and very personable. I'd recommend him in a heart beat. ???????????


Dr. Keiland Smith


Bear is an awesome trainer and fun to work with (like, I genuinely look forward to working out with him). He knows what he's doing and tailors workouts to suit your needs and abilities. It's expensive, but I think wellpriced for getting a personalized workout.


Eva Cherry


This is by far one of the best fitness studios i have ever visited. Bear is very knowledgeable and really engages with his clients. The price is great for the amount of personalized workouts and help that you receive. I highly recommend.


Jerry Stokes


Love working out with Bear and Body Renovation Fitness Center. His expertise and interest in creating great workouts for me to accomplish my health and fitness goals is amazing. I have accomplished a major health goal already in less than 3 months and I have added in my 2nd goal to accomplish. I haven't been able to quite accomplish these 2 goals on my own and I am doing it! working with Bear. I love the workouts! i look forward to them! And I have fun doing it!


Mary McMahon