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Downsizing, Moving or Liquidating? Have an Estate Sale - Let us show you how easy the estate sale process can be. We handle it all, A to Z. AESWON Estate Sale Company will plan your event beginning-to-end and do everything from appraisal preparation to security for a top quality service that is affordable and hassle free!

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Thanks so much Cindy for your fantastic finds. Always enjoy coming to Aeswons sales.


Artur Torosyan


Gathered a huge pile of overpriced items from a sale, had an appt, first day, so wasnt expecting any discounts but was promised over and over by cindy that I would get a bundle deal. I even double checked before I grabbed more. Holly added my items up and her prices were absolutely outrageous. Total came to 1095 and my deal was 95 knocked off ?? I should have offered less or put it back but you don't expect to have to go through each individual item right there and investigate. I trusted their deal prices. When I communicated this to Cindy she said we gave you 10% off... 95 off of 1095 isn't 10% and even savers and the goodwill give out 2025% off coupons. Laughable. As a 15+ year local reseller, nobody has ever done this to me. Cindy asked me to come back to get some deals and when I came last 30 minutes of the last day, Jana priced a tiny caterpillar avon bottle, one inch tall figurine, and other really tiny small all at 13 ??i asked today? And she told me they were 10 before but I was there first day and a Huge matching caterpillar avon bottle was 10... so yeah either she lied or doesnt know how to price. I put it all back and left. I spend thousands of dollars with other companies but I'm so insulted by this so its a No for me. I believe in honesty and I want other resellers to Check Your Invoice before you trust their prices after promised a deal over and over. Kicking myself but there is always a silver lining right? Last but not least, ArthurArtur was extremely helpful by helping to load my items into my van and giving me fair prices. He priced a little framed piece of art for 10 and when Holly was doing my invoice she didn't like that price and checked with her mom because she thought it was some big artist and wanted me to pay more. Ha! I was already told 10 and Arthur stuck up for me but Holly must have felt a type of way. Anyway, God bless you guys. edit after Aeswon's response Months later and their response is to literally just flat out lie about everything. Your other bad reviews say enough about you guys already though, lol.


Bonnie Vaca


They do a Great Job! Always give services with a smile. :)


Car Jeff


I had scheduled an appointment two weeks ago with Cindy to meet this morning at 10am and she never showed, called, text or bothered to cancel or reschedule our appointment. What a waste of my time. Very inconsiderate woman.


Isaac Laufer


My home was damaged in the Woolsey fire and after a challenging rebuild I had all of the contents returned to my house. As I planned on selling the house and downsizing, I needed to sell most of my furniture and personal effects. After researching estate sale companies, I fortunately found Aeswon. Cindy and Holly were fantastic to work with professional, hardworking and with a strong knowledge of pricing. I ended up by making way more money on the sale then I had anticipated and they made the whole process easy and seamless. I highly recommend Aeswon.


Kevin Brown


A really great company to shop at! They always give great prices and have interesting stuff. Cindy is really nice too and always works with me and other customers. She always have amazing sales and fantastic customer service.


Lilah Shmeleva


Thank you Cindy for the great finds and we will be calling you when we sell our home in March to help us with our estate sale.


Lori Alires


This is the most unprofessional company I have encountered since becoming an avid sale goer 15 years ago. First they were not enforcing the mask policy at their sale this week which was shocking considering cases are up. Second the older woman running the sale kept spouting off about her personal politics unprovoked then used her politics to justify not providing a discount on a damaged sofa. Moral of the story, there are a lot of estate sale companies in Los Angeles. Consider using a professional one and not this one.


Martin Greenfield


I recently attended an estate sale that Aeswon was having in Indian Wells . From the start Cindy was so nice and I ended up buying many tools and a 1984 Ford truck . I am so happy to have found such a great find .thanks Cindy ,i can


Pools Pools


Cindy is a miracle worker! You don't realize how much stuff you have over a course of a lifetime but Cindy tackled the project with the utmost professionalism. Her research was in getting the right price was amazing. My wife had two generations of fine jewelry that she was able to price for easy and satisfactory sales! I would not hesitate for a moment to use Cindy and her crew of professionals again!


Rick Kimbrel