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24 Seven is the solution to all your staffing needs. Located in Chicago's West Loop with beautiful views of the river, our team has industry-specific knowledge that you need - whether it be a new job or freelance hire. 24Seven works with some of this country and world's best brands so why not let us help find you talent match for yourself?

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24 Seven is extremely aggressive in cold calling to the point that it's disruptive. We have asked to be removed from their call list yet they still continue to call and disrupt operations throughout the business day, every single day. Hopefully this review helps transform the way they handle sales and recruitment moving forward as their current approach is an extremely ineffective way to do business. Cold calling down the list of company's employees you find on LinkedIn their website will not get you 'in the door' rather it will have the complete opposite effect. Very distasteful and annoying.


50k Office


I've met quite a few recruiters in my life as an advertising professional but I have to say that Christine Gardner at 247 is great. She knows the industry well and knows how to match the right talent with the right agency. I highly recommend her!


Anita L. Rubio


I've never met a more enthusiastic or supportive recruiter in my life, and it's all thanks to the wonderful team at 24Seven Chicago. I plan on letting all my creative friends know about 24Seven should they be on the job hunt. A lot of the negative comments on here sound like they are from people a little bitter about the job hunt remember, it is Your responsibility to make yourself stand out from the crowd in order to get that call. You can make it happen :)


Ashley Lawrence


They arent hiding people


brandon ballinas


Friendly upfront, but has not responded to the multiple emails sent regarding job postings. I left 3 emails along with contacting various recruiters, and over 2 months have not received a single message back. Save your time and go somewhere else.


Brian Keehn


New york City division is consistant!


Cerome McNaughton


An account manager from this company reached out to me on LinkedIn about a potential job opportunity. They gave me no basic information or description of the position not even what company this was for and insisted they could only disclose this information after I send my resume and talk over the phone. I sent my resume, we set up a time to speak and this person went completely ghost. Very unprofessional and incredibly tacky. Who leads someone along with a job opportunity during a pandemic just to waste their time??? Shows a lot about a company


Chanel Burns


The whole crew at the downtown La office is wonderful. I will recommend three people. Please ask for Missy, Monica Robinson, & Monica Cheng. Each person has a unique work style and is determined to help you find a job.


Cynthia Liu


I've only ever had good experiences working with 24seven


Daniel Allen


The 24Seven team has been absolutely amazing in helping my career progress in a positive and inspiring way, I've found so many incredible opportunities through 24Seven! Love them!!


Elena Kulikova