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How to hire a Building Consultant

Emily Carey

Finding a construction management consultant you can trust to oversee the project is the first step in assembling a strong team for your project if you want it to be a success. But how can you be certain that you are choosing the proper candidate? How to hire a building Consultant?

In this article, we’ll look at the top five things to bear in mind while choosing a consultant.

What exactly does a construction consultant do?

A consultant is a specialist that the client retains to provide their knowledge to a project.

Five consultants are typically needed for construction projects; depending on the scale and complexity of the project, these consultants may be from major organizations or may be single people.

  • consultant/project manager for construction management
  • Architect
  • Consultant for cost and quantity
  • engineering services
  • Building engineer
  • At the pre-contract stage, the project manager is frequently the first to be hired and may help with the recruiting of additional second-tier consultants.

It may occasionally be essential to retain the services of multiple other consultants, depending on the client’s access to internal knowledge, for instance:

Professional access

Environmentalist, chartered, health and safety expert, interior designer, landscape architect, party wall surveyor, planning consultant, and archaeologist

Under a contract with the customer and with the construction manager’s oversight, each consultant completes the tasks according to their area of expertise.

Selecting a construction management advisor

The success of the project depends on the selection process, but how do you pick the best consultant? When choosing a consultant, you should focus on the following five factors:

  • Personal Characteristics
  • organization certifications
  • Insurance
  • Reviews and client endorsements
  • Price
  • These are reliable indices of the consultant’s abilities, norms of conduct, and caliber of work.
  • selecting a construction management advisor

The success of the project depends on the selection process, but how do you pick the best consultant? When choosing a consultant, you should focus on the following five factors:

  • Personal Characteristics
  • organization certifications
  • Customer feedback and insurance reviews
  • Price

These are reliable indices of the consultant’s abilities, norms of conduct, and caliber of work.

Checklist for picking a contractor

Let’s examine each in more detail and the significance of these indications.

Personal Characteristics

You should do the same for the consultants you’ve shortlisted, just as you would before you provide an offer of employment to an applicant.

The fact that they belong to professional organizations like the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) demonstrates that they uphold high standards and are committed to continuing their education.

Organization certifications

Accreditations for businesses demonstrate a company’s dedication to upholding a set of standards, typically in a certain line of business.

Majestic Site Management, for instance, has Elite-Standard CHAS Accreditation. This assessment programmer verifies our compliance in significant areas and demonstrates that we fulfill high requirements for occupational health and safety.

The assessment standard’s definition of elite membership includes PAS91. Our article, “What is CHAS Accreditation, and why do you need it? ” has more information on the various membership levels and what they include.


Most trustworthy consultants have insurance to safeguard both your company and theirs. Professional liability insurance is a need for self-employed project managers, but depending on the project, you could also need your consultant to carry public liability. This insurance will pay the expenses to fix anything that goes wrong.

Work history or references

You must have faith in the ability of the construction management consultant you choose to fulfill their commitments. Look at the work they have completed in the past for other clients to get a sense of how they function. Two major indicators that they can accomplish the job properly are positive reviews on unbiased review sites and customer testimonials on their website.

You want evidence that they have completed projects with a scale and scope comparable to yours. Since there are many different aspects to the construction industry, you need to be certain that the people managing your project have the knowledge and experience necessary.

Price (get three quotes) (get three quotes)

Before choosing a construction management consultant, you should always request at least three quotations. Your project undoubtedly has a budget, and by comparing bids, you can be sure that your money is being spent wisely.

We wouldn’t advise choosing a consultant solely based on cost because the price isn’t always a good indication of quality. Utilize all of your knowledge about the company’s operations to evaluate the affordability of each quote you receive.

Who is Majestic Site Management?

Lee Marsden, a seasoned construction management consultant with a focus on project management and health and safety, is the director of Majestic Site Management.

Do we require implementation or a diagnosis?

Your options are two consultants, accepting that your consultant’s diagnosis will be skewed in favor of their area of specialty, or mediocre implementation if you need assistance making a decision, creating a plan, and implementing the plan. No consultant is proficient in every area.

What kind of knowledge will produce the best results?

Most CEOs begin their search for a consultant who suits their needs with something like this: We are a construction company with antiquated accounting systems; as a result, we require the services of a consultant with experience modernizing accounting systems for the construction sector.

  • Finding a consultant that is an expert in the result you want to accomplish will help you get better outcomes. Do we desire quickness, talent, or affordability? (Select two) Michael Jordan won’t teach your team to dribble tomorrow for free, but you can get better talent, faster outcomes, or a lesser cost by hiring consultants.
  • A CEO will frequently set a financial limit and then look within that limit for the greatest talent and/or fastest outcome. I can attest from experience as a business owner who frequently employs consultants that results are compromised by a budget-driven strategy.
  • What do they specialize in? Start evaluating whether particular consultants meet your needs once you have answered the first three questions for yourself. Regardless of what the consultant’s website or business card claims, your first query should be, “What is your specialty?” You’re trying to find a response that perfectly fits one of the specialties you mentioned in the previous query.


In conclusion, hiring a building consultant to oversee your construction business plan has many benefits. You can have a quick and easy construction process for your project with their professional help. To maintain an ordered workflow, it has been standard industry practice to hire a construction consultant firm for large-scale projects. To save money, time, and blunders, it is wise to choose a consultant with the appropriate amount of experience.

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